Reboot issue


Hi there hoping somebody here can help me. I was backing up my Garmin 265W and accidentally deleted all files off it. Luckily I had managed to copy everything across onto my desktop before I deleted them off the device.

However when I copied them back onto the garmin it wouldn't turn on - simply boots up but won't go past the logo screen and keeps starting itself again. It also won't mount on the desktop.

The strange thing is that it starts up when there is a blank SC card in it and mounts on the desktop - all the visible files appear to be in place but the unit won't find voices even though I can see the Voice folder is on the unit.

Can anybody help me get this thing working again? Thanks for help, N

Master Reset

Have you tried a Master Reset? Sometimes this will cure problems. Keep us posted.


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Compare This to Your Unit

It is possible one or more files were corrupted when you tried to restore the backup.

Ignoring all quotation marks, the file structure on my 265W looks like this:
DIR “debug”
DIR Garmin"
DIR “Reports”
FILE “autorun.inf”

The “debug” directory contains only one file called “GarminError.xml”

The “Garmin” Directory contains:
DIR “Diag” contains 4 files, “3816712983.dat”, “3816712983.lpt”, “” and “sys_log1.bin”
DIR “EULA” contains 34 voice directories each with 3 files, “dmti.htm”, “navteq.htm” and “NAVTEQ_Traffic.htm”
DIR “ExtData” contains 8 files, “006-d0952-01” thru -08
DIR “GPX” contains one directory “Archive” which is blank and 3 files, “3816712983.lpt”, “Current.gpx” and “Temp.gpx”
DIR “Help” contains 34 country specific directories each with the same 83 .gml files.
DIR “JPEG” contains 12 Garmin standard image files
DIR “POI” contains 1 file, “006D135900.gpi” and a subdirectory directory “DDB” containing 1 file, “RDS_LBA.ddb”
DIR “RemoteSW” contains 4 files, “006B048201.bin”, “006B063000.GCD”, “006B090100.GCD” and “006B097700.GCD”
DIR “Text” contains 91 country specific .gtt files
DIR “Vehicle” contains 7 files, “beachball.srf”, “boots.srf”, “car_blue.srf”, “crow.srf”, “euro_blue.srf”, “triangle_blue.srf” and “truck_blue.srf”
DIR “Voice” contains 128 country specific .vpm and .sum files
13 separate files, “.express”, “fs_image.ver”, “GarminDevice.xml”, “gmapbmap.img”, “gmapbmap.sum”, “gmapprom.gma”, “gmapprom.sum”, “gmapprom.uni”, “GMAPTZ.IMG”, “gmaptz.sum”, “GUPDATE.GCD”, “locales.xml” and “nuvi_drive.ico”

DIR “Reports” contains 1 file, “scores.bin”

Hopefully, this mass of confusion will make some sense when comparing it to what you have. Some of these files are specific to what I have loaded on my unit but it should give you an idea of what goes where. If you’re missing any files, let me know and I’ll email them to you.

Hope this helps.

That's great advice fellows

That's great advice fellows - I'll take a look at this later and update on my progress. Thanks for your help, N