Yahoo Mail Secure Access


About 10 years ago I asked Yahoo support if they offered full time secure webmail access (https). The answer I got was a boiler plate response, how to securely login to Yahoo. Problem was we got redirected to unsecure or http site after logging in. Anyone with the right tool can sniff out the traffic and hijack our unsecured connection.

Fast forward 10 years... Yahoo starts 2013 by offering Yahoo webmail users full time secure access. Although not enabled by default at the moment, we can manually enable it by going to Mail Options. Better late than never.

More info:

Not sure when

I have this box checked in my Yahoo Mail Option and I have not made that change myself recently. So either it IS the default or this option has been available for quite some time.

Anyway it is a very important feature and thank you for the heads-up to all Yahoo Mail Users.

You're welcome

That's odd. I had to manually enable mine. I guess Yahoo chooses to go all the way by making it the default option for all. Perhaps it takes a while to trickle down to all users.

I don't know when secure browsing option was made available but according to EFF it started this year. I noticed it earlier today. I've been avoiding to check my Yahoo webmail unless I am on my home system. I can check it on a public WiFi now.