Happy New Year guys and gals


Miss POI here just wanting to check in and wish you all a Happy healthy New Year.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

I am doing great, still loving my new career and life.

What is new with all of you guys?


nice to see you...

glad all is well.

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Same to you

Happy New Year to you also.

Go Dawgs!!!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

What is your new career?

Jim F.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year & glad to hear that all is well, Maryann.


Happy New year to you as

Happy New year to you as well and to everyone else here.

Glad all is well. 3 weeks

Glad all is well.

3 weeks away from work and the backlog will last for another few weeks.

Hope everyone has a good and safe new year.

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Wishing you the same.

Always good to hear from you.
Not much new in my neck of the woods.

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Hello fearless leader

I'm happy you dropped in to say hi and know that all is going well smile
Now I certainly hope you'll stick around and work on getting that windmill back !

Happy holidays Maryann and wishing you all the best for 2013.

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happy new year

happy new year everybody


all hail

The return of the BORG Queen! We who are your drones salute you and wish you the very best of New Years and continued success in your new host - er job.

1 question though. Was the withdrawal from daily interaction with your drones painful?

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Happy New Year, MaryAnn! Nice to see you on the board again, and good to hear things are well with you.

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Good luck to all in 2013...

Good luck to all in 2013...


Good to hear from you again, Miss POI

Happy New Year.


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Happy Holidays

Glad you stopped by. Hope you are doing well. Drop in more often.

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Happy New Year Mary Ann love

Happy New Year Mary Ann love ya

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happy new year 2013!

happy new year 2013!

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Wishing everyone a Happy and

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe 2013

Wish everyone

Wish everyone a happy and safe year in 2013.

happy new years

hny to all! sorry to be so late!

Happy New Year!

Good to see you drop by, Maryann! Glad to hear all is well.

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Welcome Back

Good to see you again. Like the new pic. . smile

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Thanks for the cameo

Glad all is well with you!

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New Year

My life is going on, thanks.

The biggest change is that my eldest daughter decided to change her major in college. But that's why they invented alchohol.

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Happy New Year...

and really glad to hear that thins are going well. May 2013 continue to bless you...

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