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I am new to POI and downloaded several POI files for my Nuvi 350. I told my friend in Kerrville TX about POI and he had trouble downloading the files. Problem was at his end and turns out to be a mac computer set up and bad USB to Garmin cable. He is working on it, but I had the opportunity to show him the Walmart, Flying J, Campgrounds, Costco and Rest Area POI's. I did download the files on his computer but he has more stuff to do before he can put them on his Garmin (model 700 series??) Also showed him the conversion process from GPX (Flying J) to CSV files. That conversion info is available on POI Factory. Worked really slick and our friend was impressed. Guessing he will get his computer set up and he will be downloading the files soon. He is a new member of the POI. Since I am a newby the overview also helped me to learn more. Everyone have a great week Rick

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Not certain if you've been welcomed to the forums or not so, Welcome Aboard!

Just wanted to state there is no need to convert a GPX file to CSV as both will load into a unit using the POI Loader program. The GPX format gives you more options and will allow a unit having a bluetooth paired phone to dial phone numbers found in some POI. GPX also provides more control for the file maintainer to affect the formatting of the display.

As to selecting files to load, pay attention to the last modified date. Many of the files are quite old and are not actively maintained.

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Welcome to the site.

Since you are new, you may want to do a couple of the Beginner Exercises. Encourage your friend to do so also

To make it easy, when you click on the first link below, hold down the "Cntl" key as you left-click. That will open a new "Tab" in your browser in the "Tab" bar. Click on that 'Tab" to do the first exercise - leaving the "Tab" you are now reading open and available to click on and return here.

The first link makes sure settings on your computer are such that you can do more advanced POI loading.

This next link helps you get a backup by attaching your GPS to your computer. (NEVER do anything to your GPS until you have a backup)

Follow the links

And if you still have questions...this is a very friendly place to ask even the
simpliest question

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