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Going down to Disney World in June. What is the best directions off the Florida Turnpike is it take Hwy 429 Toll road are go to I-4 then to Disney World

I 4 is the best way. a lot

I 4 is the best way. a lot more tourist friendly.

it all depends on traffic

Sometimes the most direct route isn't always the best. A lot will also depend on the day you will arrive and depart. I'd look for some guidebooks regarding Dizzyworld. There's a lot of great information between their covers including the best days to travel. Years ago when my kids were small we bought Steve Birnbaum's guide, but I don't know if it's still being published. He died 15 years or more ago but there were a couple editions after his death.

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Is small world after all

Ronald Reagan Turnpike to I4 looks to be shortest distance.

Google Maps also likes going down to I4

Have you tried doing a route in your GPS and see what the unit suggests?

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I prefer Hwy 429 (New Independence Parkwy)

Wyatt53 wrote:

Going down to Disney World in June. What is the best directions off the Florida Turnpike is it take Hwy 429 Toll road are go to I-4 then to Disney World

If you are staying on property at WDW, I suggest you pay the couple of dollars for the toll and take Hwy 429. It is a much more pleasant drive!

I have been going regularly since the 1980's and I would never drive I-4 again if I did not have to do so.

My daughter was a cast member at Disney and told me about 429 when it opened. We have never used I-4 again. Enter WDW at the exit for the Western Way.

In addition to the POI you will find at this site, also check out the POI over at

And, be sure to check out for up-to-date information on whats going on at WDW.

Have fun! grin

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I am staying on WDW Fort

I am staying on WDW Fort Wilderness Campground going down in MH

Cool thanks!

I travel from MD to WDW fairly often and always hate the traffic on I-4. Looking forward to giving this a try.

I-4 Ticket Blitz

Watch your speed while driving in Orlando, especially on I-4 near any construction.

Also, the posted speed limits can change with signs only on one side of the highway. Your ability to see the signs can be blocked if there are trucks that block your vision.

You will not believe how many people have been ticketed in a single day.


Son's family going to WDW in Feb, so

thanks very much for the info. Data just loaded on my Nuvi 1350 which they are borrowing for the trip.

Again, muchas gracias



Thanks for all the help,

Thanks for all the help, Going to take the 429 toll seem a better route then I-4. I have to look up the toll cost I have 6 wheels on Motorhome

toll calculator

Payment Method,# axles, Input road entry point and exit point and hit calculate.

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Just want to add that I agree with using 429. It will be much more comfortable driving on the 429 (less traffic and less tourists) than the I-4. I-4 can be full of locals in a hurry and tourists not used to their rental car or driving on the right side of the road.

You may want to go and look at putting a transponder on your windshield to avoid stopping to pay the tolls. Sunpass Mini may be an option.


If you travel I4 be very carefull, _lots_ of speed traps.

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Avoid the traffic and the toursits - Take 429!

Generally, I4 is the "easiest" with many directional signs but, because of that, the traffic can be awful. Want to get to Disney like a local, take 429. You get off at the Disney World exit at Western Way and take that in the south end of the property near Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. No traffic and still plenty of signs. Welcome to the happiest place on earth!

Oh, and if you are coming more than once, get a Sun Pass and be sure to activate it before you arrive. No delays at tolls, although not a big deal. Lines are hardly every long. (Locals all have the pass!)


I traveled to WDW on a Friday last November. I had no traffic at all and flew to the exit (mid-afternoon) without any issues but I have traveled I-4 many other times and have sat in a parking lot so I guess it depends upon construction, time of year, and time of day like most places.

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If possible try the back

If possible try the back roads and try to keep off of I4 as much as possible. I have been to Fort Wilderness many times( different times of the year, BUT the summer months are the worst) and I4 is a "nightmare" most of the year. You can get lucky and not get much traffic but I wouldn't risk it especially getting off the turnpike.


I can not agree enough with Sushidan about getting a Sunpass. The Mini version sticks on to your windshield and costs $5. You can pick one up in Florida at any Publix supermarket, CVS store, or order one at They also sell a regular model that can be moved from one vehicle to another, but it costs $25.

If you buy one at a store, you will still need to get on line to activate it, so it is probably best to buy one in advance from the website. The Mini used to include a $5 account credit, basically making it free. I don't know if they still have that promotion.

The reason you will want a Sunpass is because the toll roads around Orlando have more tollbooths than anyplace I can recall. It seems like all you are doing is stopping at tollbooths every few miles. With a Sunpass, you don't need to stop. You will also get discounts on tolls around the state, including the Ronald Reagan Florida Turnpike. When you decide you no longer need the Sunpass, any balance on your account is fully refunded.

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