Tomorrow Solar Activity May Affect GPS



Thanks for the heads up. Going on a long drive Tuesday, so I'll see how my GPS reacts. Fortunately, I've done this trip many times.

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solar activity

I heard that they is a Big concern about airplanes flight for the next 2 days.I am sure if they effect Gps they also will effect airplanes controll panel and radar. As I was reading online latetly the Sun as been more active above the normal with those very strong flares.

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new user here; i hope there

new user here; i hope there isn't any interruption to flights tomorrow but i'll be sure to have my gps on now just in case.

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So, keeping those paper maps in the glove box was a good thing? wink

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So far so good on the Left Coast...

One of my GPS receivers is a Trimble Thunderbolt, used as a precision time and frequency standard. The program that controls it keeps track of satellite coverage as part of normal operation.

The first hit was supposed to be around 11AM EST, 8AM here on the Left Coast.

All the visible GPS tracks look quite nominal for that period.

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It Hit A Little Early

k6rtm wrote:

The first hit was supposed to be around 11AM EST, 8AM here on the Left Coast.

It hit at 10:09AM EST according to I also received an email alert from the Space Weather Prediction Center at 2:34PM EST advising that a geomagnetic storm was in progress.

I am waiting to see the 2100 UTC "K" index report to get an idea of how strong it is. Might be some auroral activity visible here on Long Island if it gets strong enough. It usually takes a "K" of eight or nine for that to happen here.

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So far my GPS / smartphones

So far my GPS / smartphones are operating normally. Knock on wood nothing too serious happens!!

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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

only solar flares...

It's only solar flares, it's not like we're dealing with lightsquared here... smile