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I've never used google earth and am a complete neophyte as to what it does and how it works. Can someone tell me, in easy to understand, non-techno language, how can I take a GPS track of some of my foreign travels, and view it on google earth? I've downloaded google earth, and I hooked the GPS up to the computer, but beyond that nothing happened in terms of it showing up somewhere.

I'm sure it's directions on what to do are on this web site already, but I couldn't find the thread by doing a search on it.



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Google Earth Help

First you will have to make sure that Google Earth lists your GPS as a supported device for track imports. You'll find that information in the "Supported GPS Devices" link on this page from Google Earth Help. Short answer, most Garmin and Magellan units are supported.

Assuming your GPS is supported, you'll find fairly straightforward instructions on how to perform the import in other links on the same page.

If it happens that you've already saved your tracks to your computer as GPX or LOC files, or if you want to try to first save the tracks from your GPS and then use the saved files in Google Earth, you will also find those instructions at links on the same page. Hope this helps.

Garmin tracks in Google Earth

The first time I did this is when I noticed a menu item in Garmin Mapsource for "view in google earth" (or maybe 'send to'). I save the tracks of my hikes in Mapsource so I just clicked on the menu item and, if I remember correctly, Google Earth opened and imported all my saved tracks then saved them in "My Favorites" there. I already used Google Earth (GE) a lot for travel directions as well as to plan some hikes in the woods 'cause you can see the terrain.

It does take quite a while to import your tracks, though, if you have a lot saved in Mapsource. GE imports each and every track point from what I found. I thought GE locked up at one point but just left it go and when I came back, all my tracks were there for viewing! Good luck.

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I save out current.gpx file from my 1490T every so often.
Open that file with Google Earth. It will ask what you'd like to import. Check Create KML tracks if it isn't already checked. You can also import your waypoints too.

Once done you can drag the individual tracks out of the temporary folder and into a permanent one in the "Places " section.

I have been saving my tracks and displaying them by Google Earth for over a year now. It is interesting to see all the routes I've taken over that time, both the mundane and vacations.

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