Which? Nuvi 255W or Nuvi 1350T



I welcome advice to help me choose between a 255W and a 1350T. The first costs $120 and the second cost $148 at my local Radio Shack. I am not particularly in need of Traffic information.

Many thanks.

If you use the Garmin

If you use the Garmin product page and compare the two that may help you decide https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=134&compareProduc...

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charlesd45 wrote:

If you use the Garmin product page and compare the two that may help you decide https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=134&compareProduct=37706&compareProduct=13431

The Lane Assist on the 1350T would steer me towards it rather than the 255W--Traffic another plus for the "T" for me even though I'm only in an area with traffic coverage a few times a year.

I think

I think when you look at the 2 units side by side you'll see the brighter screen on the 1350 will sway you in that direction.

If you could find the 1350 without the "T" you maybe able to get it for the same price as the 255W as I suspect most of the price difference at RS is because of the traffic receiver.

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1350T 100%

1350T 100%

Navi 855

Have you considered the 855? It has voice recognition and lane assist but does not come with free lifetime Traffic. $125.91 on Amazon at the current time.



Just bought a 1350T to use while my 755T is getting the battery upgraded. First thing that I noticed was that the screen was much brighter. Used on a trip yesterday and the traffic feature saved me a bunch of time avoiding a pile up on I43 in Milwaukee.

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Does the 1350T show the next cross street at the top when not navigating?

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cross street

yes it does.