How do new phones stack up as a gps?


I just got one of those droid phones through work, so I decided to use the gps feature. I was really surprised, as far as I could tell, it was just as good as my nuvi 660.

Could these phones render units like the nuvi obsolete? The trend is to have less devices, so what if that phone you carry anyway does gps, does it well, and for free?

Food for thought!

Smartphone navigation.

This has been discussed quite often at POI Factory in many different threads. Here is a fairly recent one and probably a good place to start sharing your comments:

Here are a couple of others:

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The thread mentioned above seemed to be going in one direction. I guess nobody can predict a paradigm shift, I saw references to VZ Navigator (not free), no phone can compare to a gps once you've had one, only in an emergency, etc.

Well, perhaps the opinion will change over the next year. The phone I was issued has only been out for one month. I initially can find no shortcoming in its navigation program, so it may mean not having to deal with the 660's suction cup and cigarette adapter, or being able to give it to someone who does not have a gps.