BIG Mistake!!


Bought a new c330 garmin for my first GPS and what a mistake.(SD card is non functional in this unit) After looking at the POI Factory site I found that my GPS does not have all the ammeneties that a unit that cost about $100 dollars more has. I think if you really want to be able to utilize the GPS and POI Factory to its fullest extent (UP GRADE). I am sure you will not be unhappy with your purchase. Thanks for listening to an old guy that made one more mistake. oldrustync

C330 SD Card

Overall, c330 is a fairly good model, but you're right about the SD card. Newer models that let you use the SD slot for POI files (like c530 and nuvi) are really nice. You can leave the GPS in your car and bring out updated files on a memory card.

Just so other c330 users aren't confused, I should mention that the c330 is able to use custom poi files, but only if you load them directly into the GPS via USB cable. C330 can't read POI files from SD card.

If you need any files made smaller to fit into your c330 memory, just send me a note via the contact form.

Thanks for sharing.


Hey I am new here. Great

Hey I am new here. Great site.

Anyways, I am glad I bought the C320 since we can download to the SD card...



I, too, have a c330. I wondered why the SD Card slot was use for as I couldn't use it. I called Garmin yesterday and was told it would work overseas. So - - -
if you go to Germany, etc, it will work, (according to the rep) automatically!!! Good Luck on your trip. This doesn't make sense to me. anyway ...

I bought an earlier C330

I bought an earlier C330 that doesn't even have an SD card slot.

No big deal now -- that unit has been passed on to someone else.