Newbie help


I have downloaded a POI file (Dunkin Donuts)
Using GPSBABEL I have converted it to a Delorme draw file for Street Atlas 2009
Opening the file works but nothing shows.

Does anybody on this forum have a suggestion on how to make this useful information visible on the Delorme maps in Street Atlas?

Thanks in advance.

Try this - click on DRAW

Try this - click on DRAW tab, FILE, select (put check) next to the file you created. You use this checkbox to turn on and off waypoints.

If it does not show up, select IMPORT to find your file.

You may also want to try this - it may be easier. Download the CSV file, open in Excel, swap column A and B, and save as TXT file. Then IMPORT as dscribed above. Delorme is looking for TXT file with Lat, Long, Name. Gramin CSV format is Long, Lat, Name.

Let me know if this works.

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Yes. Open SA and go to the

Yes. Open SA and go to the Draw Tab. Click File then click Import and browse to your .csv file and choose it. Should import in as a Draw file.

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Edit: Ya beat me by a minute. And I forgot about switching the lat and lon.

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