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I am trying to make gmail my automatic email account that it will send a message from. If I go to lets say craigslist to buy a gps and I click on the email name I want gmail to send an email from my account. I am using windows vista and safari. Please help me asap.

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Possible Solution

* Install Google Toolbar

After installing Google Toolbar, from the Google Toolbar:
* Select Options (under the wrench icon)
* From the Search tab, select Use Gmail for "Mail To" links

Thank You

But that still does not do the trick it does not work on Vista or Safari

what e-mail app are you using?

This should be driven by your e-mail app ... not your browser. The default e-mail account from the e-mail app (e.g. Outlook) is what is used ... change it there.

Secondly, don't know that this is really the forum for PC tech support ... we really should keep to GPS related topics. wink

Setup Windows Mail to Receive Gmail

By installing the Google toolbar and setting the options to use Gmail on Mail To links works for me and I am using Vista. You may need to setup your Windows Mail to receive your gmail emails. Here is a link to explain how to setup Windows Mail to receive Gmail:


You should not have to worry about this being a PC question since you posted it under "Welcome / open talk - introductions and other misc. topics". This could be classified as a "misc. topic".


Try following these two pages on how you can set your mail client to check and send Gmail messages.



BTW Gmail accounts on Craigslist are usually red flags for the poster being a spammer/scammer so don't be surprised if your post is flagged. I would use the option on Craigslist to make your email anonymous so people see something like hfgtd@craiglist.com not youraddress@gmail.com.

Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice people..