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Here’s the problem, I created a custom POI file, and loaded it into my Garmin (StreetPilot 7200) GPS. My hard drive crashed, and I lost the file. Is there any way to get this file out of the GPS and into my computer? The only other way that I thought of, is to go through the Extras and retype the whole file line by line. So here’s question number 2, is there a way to go through the file in the GPS line by line? My file has about 700 Poi’s, if I just bring it up, it gives me the closest 20, or so. How can I see ALL of them? Any help would be appreciated…..


P.S. I’m not sure if this is the correct place for this, so I’ll post it here, and if it has to be moved, can someone please move it to where it should be. Thanks.

There are several programs

There are several programs that will take a compiled POI file and allow you to deconstruct it. Do a search on recovering POI and you will come across the threads. I believe one program is GPSBable, but I am not certain.

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Look around here. They can

Look around here. They can convert almost any GPS type file around.

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ok, my question is, how do I

ok, my question is, how do I get the file out from the GPS unit? I put it in with POI loader. POI loader, can only transfer from the computer to the GPS. What I would like to do is, get from the GPS into the computer. Maybe it's too simple, but I have no idea how to do it.

As mentioned above

Download and install GPSbabel from .

Connect your GPS to your PC and download the file POI.GPI to your PC.

Now use the GPSbabel program to convert the GPI file to a GPX file.

The newly created GPX file will contain all the POIs that used to be on your PC before it crashed.

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Now i get it. Thank you, and

Now i get it. Thank you, and I'll let you know how it worked!

How do I get to see my GPS

How do I get to see my GPS on my computer? I hook it up with my USB cable, but I don't see my GPS in windows explorer!

I also downloaded the file from gpsbabel, but I have no idea how to use it! can this be explained in laymans terms?

seeing GPS

Would really help if you mentioned the O/S you are using (windows Vista, XP, etc).

The GPS should be listed as a device in your "My Computer" not windows explorer. For GPS babel (which by the way is a simple freeware translation programme) look in the directory where you downloaded the applet and then simply click on the icon (the file, I think, is zipped)

Very important not to run poi loader until you have the file out as POI Loader will overwrite the original file leaving you in teh cold!



birchtree wrote:

The GPS should be listed as a device in your "My Computer" not windows explorer.

For the Nuvi at least, it does show up in windows explorer as another storage device. I've never even bothered to see if it turns up under "My Computer", but I'm sure it'd be there too.