Various Coordinate Formats


One solution brings up another question. Now that I know how to change the format in my Garmin 255W I need to know whether or not the Garmin cares which I use. If I use the Degrees and Decimal Minutes format will it correctly apply a POI inserted using the Decimal Degrees format? Or do I have to reformat each time I use a POI from a different source?
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Using Where To, Coordinates, Format only applies to entering or displaying coordinates on your Nuvi. It has nothing to do with POI files.

Coordinates in POI files (CSV or GPX) must use decimal degrees (e.g. -110.11310).

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Search is a friend

you will have to convert formats to match your GPSr, If you would have used search first you would have found this thread and not needed to wait for a answer!

Using search usually kicks up something that has already been answered by someone else.

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