Arizona Loop 202 in Mesa



There has been discussion here regarding failing of current GPS maps to include the final section of Greater Phoenix's Loop 202 highway in Mesa.

For Arizonans or those planning to visit soon, I wish to give all the good news that Garmin's latest map update (City Navigator North America 2010, actually the 2010.10 map version) now includes that final portion of Loop 202 so routing in Phoenix that is near this portion of freeway may offer much better routing.

For those keeping tabs on updates, this final portion of Loop 202 opened in late July 2008. Google Earth also is updated to show the completed highway.

for past discussions of this topic.

I may just be lucky living in AZ but both the final quarterly 2009 map update and now the first 2010 map update have very substantially improved mapping in a large number of areas around the state.