Great motorcycle roads poi?


Hey everybody. I'm a new member here and also a motorcycle rider. I did a search and there doesn't seem to be a POI providing good motorcycle roads/routes that are twisty, scenic, nice pavement etc. Does this exist yet?


Well, since POIs are distinct individual locations, they don't really lend themselves well to routes.

But you should take a look at these sites.

Then once you find ones in which are you interested, you could make your own file of points in the routes.

Sunday Morning Rides has routes that are downloadable in GPX format.

Best Biking Roads will allow you to download Waypoints directly from the site to your GPS unit.

I'm new to the GPS POI world

I'm new to the GPS POI world but that's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the reply.

Makes me think

Us motorcyle riders. Would it be possible to lay out routes of some of our favorites trips and save the routes to be downloaded and used by other riders in our area. I know I have made some routes for my bike her in AZ.

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Check out Mad Maps. The company specializes in great MC rides and the maps are now uploadable into many Garmin units. You can just follow the preplanned route.


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Mad Maps

I downloaded it for my area but I have mad some of my own that I like. I just thought it would be something new for us riders to share. I bought a 750 just for the fact I can make my own routes.

Nuvi 750 And a 2006 Star Venture between my legs.


I recommend my collection; available at:

Search for the word: Twisties!

Route instructions, maps & .GDB route files for

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