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I just got a Garmin Nuvi 260W and just getting familiar with it. I use it even though I know where I'm going. It's good to see the detail surrounding the route. I am planning on taking it to California next week. Any special tips or advice?

Glad to have found this site I hope to learn a lot from it.

Welcome to the site, it is

Welcome to the site, it is nice to have you with us.

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Welcome aboard , this is the best site out there, tons of info. great people willing to help! just ask!!!!

Everyday is a GREAT day :)


Welcome finda

Great to have you with us.
This is a cool site.You will find a wealth of info here.

Garmin Nuvi, 750

Garmin nuvi,750


While everyone else stopped reading after you stated you were new to the site...

Traveling from Austin to CA, I would make certain I had the rest area files loaded. Another group I would load would be truck stops, individual files for the major chains like Petro, Pilot, Flying J.

Next, look through the restaurant files and pick out a couple you like and load them as well.

From the sounds of how things are going in AZ, I would drive up to Amarillo and take 40 across - either that or drop down into Mexico to bypass all the speed cameras. Of course if you have cruise control, set it to within 3 miles an hour of the speed limit and let it go. Just watch for changing speed limits and adjust accordingly.

We made the trip from DC to Fresno in September going cross country along I-40 and dropping down into Needless Uhm Needles making the very boring trip into Barstow. Coming back, we went north on 15 to 70 and drove it end-to-end.

Oh - welcome to the site.

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welcome to the site,ask any question and you will be satisfied with the help that pours in.
Have a safe trip.

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You found the best place for POI's, and the best people that can answer the questions you might have.

Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.


Welcome, finda.

I'm sure you'll find this site an excellent resource.

Enjoy your trip to California. Use the 260W to find POI's along your way.


You musta caught the same sale as I.
Love this new 260W - much better than the 330 I had before.
The ability to take your fingernail and move the map so you can see what lies around you made many Nuvis not worthwhile.
The 330 had a problem in that it didn't give a voice prompt to let you know you were going to hit an exit until you were almost on top of it.
I hope this 260W is better.
Does anyone know if that can be modified - to let you know earlier?

Welcome and

glad you joined us.You have found the best site for your Gpsr needs, and you will find that you have become part of a great family here. grin

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New user hints

Watch your settings.

This can be good - or bad!

The shortest route might not be anywhere near the fastest but if you are going somewhere new and time is not important that short route might take you very interesting places... sometimes TOO interesting...

So my advice is to experiment, when you have a route do a little of your own planning just so you know where you are going and if you are comfortable with that, enjoy it and live the experience thanks to your Nuvi.


Welcome and be sure to explore all of the wonderful resources of this site.

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Welcom to the Site!

You will really enjoy the information that can be found on this site. It is also a great resource for getting your GPS questions answered. Good luck and happy travels.

New User?

Thanks for all the great welcomes, comments,advice and your kindness. This has got to be the best site for all things GPS. Bear with me as I learn.

Speed Camera

I just received my first speed camera violation this week.....that sucks $180 that i could use elsewhere.

I have a Garmin nuvi 205 and read an article that you can download POI to warn you where cameras are set up.

Can someone explain how it works.

Thanks for any info provided

Welcome. In addition to the

Welcome. In addition to the above recommendations, California does NOT allow anything (GPS) attached to the window. Now that the lecture is over, I have never been pulled over because I had my GPS attached to my windshield. Just keep it low and as inconspicuous as possible. Enjoy your new toy and drive carefully...

welcome- remember to have

welcome- remember to have fun and dont froget to try gps scuba diving. lol

Windshield mounting law change in CA for 2009

Apparently windshield mounting will be allowed in the lower left and right corners starting in 2009. This was mentioned in another thread, so I tried to find more info. The link below shows the specific details on exactly what is allowed.

And more importantly - Welcome!