Going Out of Business!


An interesting piece on ABC News last night discussing how companies that are closing stores or going out of business have what are known as "Liquidation Companies" take over the store and reprice the items in the store, usually increasing them to full price & its from there they start discounting.

Here's the text and video:

You'll see a rep in Circuit City explaining the price is higher because they go by the Liquidators price, not Circuit City's price.

It seems to me that when you are looking for electronics, staying away from businesses like this is probably the best idea because the really good deals won't occur until they are just about to close the doors. Unfortunately by that time the items that no one else wanted are the only ones left...

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Check out http://consumerist.com --

The Consumerist website (http://consumerist.com ) has been running stories on this topic for quite a while.. This week they ran one on Linens 'n Things, showing "sale" pricetags with higher prices than the "regular" price tag below it.

Caveat emptor.

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All Sales Final

Another reason I usually avoid liquidators. They are rarely a deal any more.

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Time is the best fix for

Time is the best fix for price for anything and everything electronic, especially GPS units. The 660 was pushing $1000 when first released and it could be had for around $350-400 a year or so later with newer maps and it hadn't even been discontinued yet. You can find them for under $300 now and they're still a very competent unit. I know I'm going to wait for my next unit and it won't be the latest and greatest no matter how enticing the lane assist, 3D buildings, etc features are. Not only will I wait for the price to quickly drop dramatically, but I will NOT be a beta tester again. By the time I buy, Garmin will have fixed all the bugs they're willing to and the early adopters will have figured out all the tips, tricks, workarounds, etc for the stuff Garmin won't fix. rolleyes