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I had asked if there were any threads concerning how to request features on this website. I hadn’t found any threads for this purpose but Motorcycle Mama said this is the place, so I’ll start the thread here.

I really like this site because there is so much information available and so many knowledgeable people here. Another thing that amazes me is there aren’t any ads?!

That’s simply amazing that a site that offers so much charges only a modest fee, or your time and effort to make a better site, to gain access to a few select files, with everything else for free. It reminds me of early web sites 15 years ago. Awesome! And very much appreciated! I would understand some banners down one side, but I’m happy not to see any, but that’s not this thread.

Part of my reasoning for starting this thread is so requests to the Webmaster & Mistress don’t start cluttering their mailboxes with the same things others had requested. I think there are some things that could be added or changed on the site that would make it more user-friendly. I know Poi-factory is a work in progress and not a full time job, so I understand that requests may not be realized for some time if at all, and I am OK with that.

There are two things I’d really like to have available over anything else on the site; A way to save “Favorite Poi files” to a checklist and a way to save “Favorite Threads”.

The way I envision this is both would be in your account section, possibly as two additional tabs to the ones there now.

When you click on one, you see a list of all the threads you have saved as a favorite. There are plenty of threads on this site that have useful information, but if you don’t post something to it, it can easily get lost. This feature would allow users to reference informative threads quickly when they need to.

The “Favorite Pois” feature would be a listing of every poi file the user has selected. There are plenty of times I see a new poi get posted that interests me, but I don’t have an immediate need for it. If I could make it as a favorite, when it comes time to update my GPSr, I can download the new ones when I need to, without searching through all the categories or at alpha list. It goes without saying that it’d be easier to find the latest version of file you are already using too. One item that would make this feature even better would be a check box next to each poi file and a button to download all the checked files at one time. That would save the tedium of visiting each page and manually downloading and saving each file.

Yes, I could bookmark every thread and file in my web browser, but my bookmark file is huge already. I’d prefer these be site features. The service could be more robust and convenient than simple bookmarks.

Thanks for considering these requests.

Drivesmart 66, Nuvi 2595LMT (Died), Nuvi 1490T (Died), Nuvi 260 (Died), GPSMAP 195


These options are new to the Drupal system and we are waiting until we see that it is a fully functional and problem free application before we add it.

Thanks for sharing, it will be nice to have this system in place.

Miss POI

OK, heres another one

It would be great if on the Popular POI Files page,
you included a "All Time Most Popular" listing as well.

I'd like to be able to see the number of times a file is downloaded when I'm reading about it and not only when I am the creator of the file, but this is a second request that I'll hold off on until later.


Drivesmart 66, Nuvi 2595LMT (Died), Nuvi 1490T (Died), Nuvi 260 (Died), GPSMAP 195

Second it

rocknicehunter wrote:

I'd like to be able to see the number of times a file is downloaded when I'm reading about it and not only when I am the creator of the file

This would be a useful feature as well. It sure would be nice to know how many have downloaded particular files, not only the ones we have created.

Tricky Unread Forum Posts Feature

I just noticed that I have been missing quite a few new posting on this site. The way I used to do it was to use the "Unread Posts" link and then go down the list from page to page, middle clicking (to open in a new tab in Firefox) on the threads of interest. But doing so has a bad impact:

Suppose the first page of unread posts has posts #1 to #10 and I am interested in posts #4 and #5 and middle click on them. When I then click on "next page" to see what I expect to be the unread posts #11 to #20, I actually end up with posts #12 to #22 as posts #11 and #12 are now considered #9 and #10 because I already "read" #4 and #5. At the end of the process, I click on "Mark all posts read" but I will forever miss #11 and #12 as well as other posts that would have been at the beginning of pages 2, 3, 4, etc.

1. Refresh the current list page before clicking on Next page (may have to do that many times if interested threads show up at the bottom of the page)
2. Start at the last page of the listing and work my way backward instead of forward (that's probably the quickest way, although unintuitive)
3. Can we have a new feature on this site that would allow many more unread posts per page, making this an easier process?
4. Somehow, other forums I subscribe to don't do that (resorting the unread posts right away). Is it a possible change here too?

No biggy, just wondering what I missed...

Great Job

Please keep up the great job with the site!