Loading pre-written routes.


I have down loaded 4 routes from a motorcycle campground website. They are good riding routes for bikers, but I don't know how to load them on my 2720 and where will they be after I load them?( Very new to using gps,just trying to learn and need help)


I haven't tried it with 2720, but for some models you can transfer saved routes using Garmin's MapSource software.



Can this be done with the c340 or any of the
C series street pilots?

That would be really nice. Sometimes I know a better
way that I would like to pre-program for trips.


don't think so

The saved routes feature was more common in older StreetPilot models (like SP 2610/2620). It seems to be missing in most models released in the last year or so.

It's still included in the zumo series.