Nuvi 660 built-in memory slow?


I performed a quick experiment with my gps today, and that was copying roughly 250mbs of mp3s to it via usb. Bottom line, the end result was about a 15+ minute transfer Time. My plain jane USB thumb drive can have the same block of files in about 2 minutes.

Anybody else find their unit has molasses-like memory speeds? Let's take this example further. Anybody been brave or foolhardy enough to open up their nuvi to see what kind of storage media is inside? Or maybe there's a Garmin engineer or two lurking around who can shed some light.

Going further, imagine if there was a mini SD card or something hanging out in the heart of the gps. Imagine replacing it with some faster RAM. I have wondered on occasion as I navigated through the unit, if it wouldn't benefit from faster RAM.

Just some thoughts to ponder...

as garmin exclusively uses

as garmin exclusively uses samsung memory chips for both flash & ram, i think the problems is the usb connection speed. it must be usb1.1 not usb2

Darn. There goes the

Darn. There goes the opportunity for an easy mod to make the unit faster.

That is, if you consider hacking the unit apart to upgrade a memory chip "easy."

Good point on the USB 1.1 though.

USB 1.1

I know if you plug in a USB 1.1 device in a USB 2.0 port Windows will tell you so. Windows will display a bubble in the system tray (clock area) that you connected a low speed USB device in a high speed USB port.

I have not gotten such a message when connecting my 360.

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

nuvi slow memory

If you are planning to load an SD card by hooking up a usb port- order a pizza- you will finish your pizza before anything happens on the nuvi.

I use my card reader to write to the SD - it take seconds- especially when loading mp3. Use the nuvi only as a utility to browse and read that card.

Actually I use an SD to USB

Actually I use an SD to USB adapter that is quite fast for transferring files. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you?

Actually the message I receive is if you plug a USB 2.0 device into a 1.1 port, it prompts you that transfers could be faster. I don't think it works the other way around, where the device is slow and the port is fast.