City Navigator North America NT 2009, StreetPilot c330


I am planing a trip through the South. Alabama, Georgia, & Florida appear to have been left out of the system. I tried to re-load mapping software, but it won't accept the c330. I know my c330 is no longer supported by Gamin. Is there a way to get these states to load?

Bill Thompson


You can load that onto the C330, but only the lower 48 states or Canada, not both. If you are trying to add maps to what you already have, try loading them onto an SD card. That is the only thing the slot is for on that particular unit. You will have to use another SD card reader/writer since the unit is not recognized as a drive on the PC.

And since when is the C330 not supported by Garmin? I know that it is on the discontinued list, but Garmin has always supported all of its units.

Glenn - Southern MD; SP C330 / Nuvi 750 / Nuvi 265WT

You unit is still supported

You unit is still supported by Garmin even though it has been diccontinued.See for updates etc.

You may want to put the USA part on the unit and the Canada part on a sd card. See . Also see

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