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Hi all.

New here and a year new to GPS. My big project is to create a list of all Masonic Lodges and all Shrine Centers in the U.S. So far, I have all of the Shriners Hospitals done plus New Hampshire and Massachusetts Masonic Lodges complete.

If anyone has done any of the other continental 49 states and would like to contribute (I am trying to get lodge name, address, phone and meeting nights) then please let me know via the site contact tool.


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Hello Used. I've only been a member for a little over a week or so.

I just started my own project. I'm trying to do all the Zoo's in the US. I am also adding the complete address and phone number to the Garmin CSV file.

I am always looking for new POI's so if I come across a list of hospitals that you are requesting I'll be glad to pass them on to u

Everyone is friendly and very helpful on here. Welcome to the site.


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Large task

Hi Dave -

You're attempting a rather large project. In Ohio, we have 528 (soon to be 529) lodges, numerous Scottish Rite Valleys and numerous Shrines. I will try to give you the info on the 36 Lodges, four AASR Valeys and three Shrines in my area. And there are Shriner Hospitals in Erie, PA and Cincinnati, OH. But it will take some time. I guess the most efficient way is to access the data off of the various Grand Lodge and appendant body websites.

Also, there are only 48 states in the continental U.S. You've covered two, so you want info on the remaining 46. Alaska and Hawaii are outside the continental U.S.

Good luck, and keep on traveling!

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Hi Dave,

I have just started to do one for Ontario, Canada which has 587 Lodges plus numerous RAMs, Scottish Rites and Shrines but I am only trying to do the Lodges. I am doing them by Districts. As you can imagine we have quite a few Lodges out in the boonies so it takes a little more effort to get the directions right. Good luck to you on your efforts and I look forward to seeing your project when finished.


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Indiana Lodges

If I can get Grand Lodge to send me a file with the information that you requested, I will forward it on to you. I would like to have it myself.

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Indiana Masonic Lodges

I was able to procure a pdf file of Indiana lodges from our Grand Lodge, but they cannot or WILL NOT give it to me in any other format. It was like pulling teeth to get THAT.

I can convert the pdf into an excel file, but everything is in one column. Is that worth anything to you? It has all the information, but it would still take a lot of work to get it into a usable format.



Mason/Shriner POI List

Hi Dave,

I am an Ontario Mason as well. Do you have that POI list completed yet?


Masonic temples

You have all temples in Ma? Can I get that CSV?

All the data is 1

All the data is 1 column?
You can have excel break speperate it in to different columns

List of Masonic Lodges at

John from PA