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We have added this new forum so we can start building a database of interesting places to visit. These are places that you might send a guest who is visiting your city on vacation or places that you have enjoyed as a tourist in other cities.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick a city and have a list of places that have been recommended by your friends here at the POI Factory.
Please post your places here. We need the name of the place and the coordinates to add them to the database. A phone number and address are nice extras.
Miss poi

PS if you just have an address, that works too I can always configure it myself. You all know how much I love puzzles.

interesting place forum

i think its a great idea. we get an inside view as to the places to see in an area not just the tour book kind.
we r big on cowboys and indians in the tulsa oklahoma area. there r place for pow wows and museums that dont show up on the average "places to go " list.
some of the events r on certain dates and times how do we handle this.

places / events

Tracking events is a neat idea, but to work well it needs a more sophisticated database than we have right now.

Let's start simply with places and then look at handling events as a possible future improvement.



I have started to add some things that we would like to share and as soon as we have enough I will start a POI file that contains all of our contributions.

Wow a blast from the past

Wow a blast from the past now look where we all are this site has been a leader in GPS Way to go and thanks so much.

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Wow, that was one of my very

Wow, that was one of my very first posts. Thanks for the reminder of how far we have come.

Miss POI