.cvs hell


I download .csv files from the POI Factory to my machine and try to import them into GPSBabelGUI. In the "Format for input from file" drop menu there are three items that I could readily identify as having a relationship to "csv". "Character Separated Values", "Comma Separated Values", "Mapopolis.com Mapconverter CSV". Which one do I need to choose to convert to Tomtom 700 .0v2 format?


Take it easy. You'll get it. : )

In the case of the files here, the CSV stands for Comma Separated Values.

Here's some additional information.

it often helps

it often helps to open a csv in a common text editor to see what you're dealing with.

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Re: It Often Helps

You can use notepad to open it. Just make sure when you go to FILE > OPEN > and go to the correct folde to search for ALL FILES and not just .TXT files.