Navtour GPS - and presumably other Navigon software based units.


I bought *really cheap* a Navtour GPS. It's based on Navigon software.
It's barely worth the $50 I paid for it at the computer swapmeet.

However, I have discovered a few things.

Navtour has Navigon software in it, similar to the software used in the Delphi GPS units and presumably the Navigon brand units. I found this out by looking at the flash video on the Delphi website. Software is very similar. Same in some respects.

Navigon is apparently a German software company that both sells their own brand units as well as sells software to other GPS manufactures, some which use Navteq maps like the Navtour unit does, and some that likely use the maps from the European company that supplies Tomtom, TeleAtlas.

I find the Navtour unit maddeningly miserable and inconvenient to use. Slow processor. It has pretty comprehensive maps and POIs but they are difficult to access due to the weird user interface.

I can't say for sure but I would guess most Navigon software units would be primitive and complicated to use, much worse than my Magellan, any Garmin, even TomTom. I'd like to get my hands on a Delphi unit to test. I may get one, they were $139 yesterday at Sears.