I downloaded any number of POIs to my mother-in-laws Garmin C330 recently. Now her sister-in-law and brother-in-law received a Mio GPS and are interested in doing the same thing. Can anyone suggest any good sites to come up to speed on how download POIs on a Mio GPS?


See if this helps you.



Thank you very much. I have forwarded it to them.

mio poi's

the mio 320 has a program on the dvd called poiloader it convert's csv files and put them on an sd card. the csv files need to be downloaded to a folder for poiloader to find them. i rename each folder the same name as the the file. if you have a mio 310x you have to reset the device by turning off the unit then back on with the switch on the bottom of the unit your poi's will show up under my poi's

Mio POI's

You can also use the IGO POI explorer software (do a google search) Once you get the hang of it, its simple to use

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