Swimming Holes


A few months ago we had a discussion regarding swimming holes and now I am unable to find the thread so I am starting a new one.

The owner of www.swimingholes.org (hilleg) has been working hard at turning the information from his site into POI Files to share on ours.

So far he has made one for Florida, Oregon and Alabama.
Here are the links..

Miss POI

POI Files

POI's by state

All POI's should have the point of interest name preceeded by the two letter state abbreviation. I downloaded the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives file. When I am taking a trip, there was no way to find POI's near my route very easily. I modified the file and placed the 2 letter state name in front of each point. Since the swimming holes are being done by state, this would not be necessary but I wish everyone created US wide POI files would do the state abbreviation.

I agree

I don't care what file it is, but there should be a state abbreviation in the file someplace. At least in the 3rd or 4th column on a csv file.

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Not sure I am understanding.

Not sure I am understanding. Even when I am out of my home state, and start looking through my POI(stock, downloaded, or self made), my GPSr shows a list of locations starting with the one closes to my current location. How would adding the state to the file help?

If you use the near tab at

If you use the near tab at the bottom of the screen you can select to search my current route or my destination.I find this very useful while traveling.Also agree about the state abbreviation.Helps other users sort the file for just areas they want.

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