Hawaiian POIs?


I'm getting married this weekend and going to Hawaii next week on my honeymoon. GPS use is allowed on Continental so I'm looking forward to using my GPS on the flight and the Garmin Topo maps in Hawaii!

I downloaded the Oahu beaches and Hawaii lighthouses POIs in addition to my BeerMe.com POIs. Are there any other Hawaii specific POIs? I was disappointed there were no Hawaiian Offbeat Attractions. Not wanting to sound ungrateful so thanks to all who have contributed POIs.

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Congrats!!!! Have fun;) Miss

Congrats!!!! Have fun;)

Miss Poi

You gotta have the other Poi in Hawaii

The food... and bring us back some recipes. ;)

Best wishes!

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I'm back from Hawaii and

I'm back from Hawaii and will have Maui and Big Island Attraction PIOs some time in the near future. We have a co-op to fix up/sell and two rooms filled up with wedding presents to sort through so it may be a while.

The food was amazing, but stay away from the roadside coconuts. Both my wife and myself had some bad indigestion just after a roadside coconut.

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The "juice" inside coconuts

The "juice" inside coconuts is a natural laxative. sad


Hey Tick congratulations!

My wife and I are going to Hawaii in August so I look forward to your POI's. If there are any particullarly great places to go, things to do or see please include them in your POI's.

Congratuliations again and best wishes for your new life.


Officer I'm sorry I was going the wrong way on that one-way street but my GPS told me to turn left ... Oh, I'm still getting a ticket, okay then the GPS will see ya in court!

Maui in the spring!

When my wife and I went to Maui on our honeymoon, we had no GPS, so I recall that first night trying to find the cottage we had rented in a rain storm! We found it but the owner had to talk us in.

So many great views and places - don't miss a place called I'O (next door is Pacific 'O). Great food and if you get there for dinner you can watch the sun going down over the Pacific through palm trees.

We used a tour guide book, Maui Revealed and found that to be excellent.

Congratulations! You will love it. (and have a great life together).

congrats!!! I am excited for

congrats!!! I am excited for the two of you. Combining your life with another person is one of the best parts of being alive.

Miss Poi

Thanks. I don't want to get

Thanks. I don't want to get too sappy but my wife was my only girlfriend I would call my best friend. I am sure I found the right one.

Anyway my laptop hard drive crashed and I'm at work today installing Linux on an old spare 20 gig harddrive so at least I can get email. Hope to have a replacement 80 Gig drive so I can install Windows. I probably will get around to updating POIs for over a month since I'll be restoring / re-installing lots when the new hard drive arrives.

Nice the "lifeboat" installer from work boots linux so I can browse the web while installing an OS.

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I lived their 4 years (Marines), Married in Hawaii to a local Chinese girl, and went back for 3 more years in my current job.
Loved the food, the people, and everything about the place.
Can you tell I miss it??

Stadium Swap Meet. Best secreat of the Islands. Hope you got a chance to go.


Another site in Hawaii.

Everyone goes to see the USS Arozina. People need to go see the Other Battle Ship that is still on the bottom after Dec 7th. The USS Utah.


Oahu and...

Where will you be staying? I assume Oahu because you added their beach POI's. Are you staying on any other islanda?

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I was at the Hyatt on

I was at the Hyatt on Waikiki and the Hyatt in Lahania, Maui. I also spent a day trip to the Big Island. I'll be having a Road to Hana POI and probably a HI attractions POI which will only have the places I went. I'd be open for others to contribute my POIs.

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My husband I were planning of place for our wedding this year. And I thank you for this post and for the info you shared.
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I only knew hawaii in

I only knew hawaii in pictures, but I haven't tried going there yet. I just hear good feedback's about it.

Maybe sometime, am gonna bring my family with me for a vacation. Thank you for this post! And Congrats!
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I'm going to Maui on the 3rd

I'm going to Maui on the 3rd week of August for the honeymoon.

Getting married in Maine on August 8th.

Gonna be renting a car and def going to take my GPS with me wink


Looking for Oahu Generic POI File

We are leaving for Hawaii (Oahu) in 2 days, so this is really last minute. However, I am looking for anything on Oahu to include on my Garmin 1200 Nuvi. Is this file available on POI-Factory - I haven't found it if so. Really appreciate the site - thanks!


1BadBoy - what types of POIs are you looking for? Because most tourist destinations are already included in the built in POIs.