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Hi everyone.
I am new to the whole loading POI data on the garmin nuvi 660 I have and I noticed that on the web there are all sorts of poi files but some people post icons or images with them to be displayed when you approach one. Does this apply to me or does my model of GPS not do this? I know I read garmin can have a custom sound, but I didn't know it could have custom graphics too.. anyone know if the graphics thing is true?


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Read around a search for BMP that will give you the most. Your Custom POI needs Needs an alert sound and a BMP file that are named the same as your POI....I am sure there is more information, in both the FAQ and the Getting Started areas above...Welcome again and have fun

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BMP for your 660

Yes, when you download a custom poi, some have bmp's that you can download as well. Just make sure the bmp name is exactly like the poi file.

Ex: parks_ak.csv
Ex: parks_ak.bmp

Put them both together in your directory and let the Garmin POI Loader load them into your GPSr.

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FAQ needed for How do I load a POI...

This comes up alot and rightly so. It really needs to be an FAQ here at POI-Factory. Here are a couple of related FAQ's that will help.

Here is a good primer to start with from one of our Contributors of the Year here at POI Factory; grin

Motorcycle Mama wrote:

So, let's go step by step.

Download and install POI Loader to your computer. (which you appear to have successfully done).

Create a folder on your computer for all your POI files.

Download and/or create Custom POI files (either CSV or GPX file) and place them in the folder on your computer.

Attach your GPS unit to your computer with a USB cable. (Alternately, if you have a unit that will read the Custom POIs from the SD card, attach or insert the SD card to the computer.)

Run POI Loader.

Point POI Loader to your GPS unit (or SD card) as the destination for the Custom POIs.

Point POI Loader to the folder you created on your computer as the source of the data.

Select Manual or Express Mode.

Follow the prompts.

POI Loader will create a file named POI.GPI with all your Custom POIs.

How Do I Load BMP Icons into my Garmin GPSr?
(I would rename this FAQ to "How Do I Load custom icons into my Garmin" BMP and GPSr can be confusing to a newbie and there is no advantage to having it in the title. Just in case pilavdzic, BMP is bitmap image file type and GPSr is referring to a handheld GPS receiver device.

How do I load custom alert sounds for POIs on my Garmin GPSr?

How do I load multiple POI files with POI Loader?

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Don't we already have this

Don't we already have this faq here?

I am confused.

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FAQ for adding a graphic to POI?

I think dcoffing meant a FAQ specifically about adding BMP icons to POIs. The link you gave doesn't mention anything about adding graphics to a POI.

Do we have a FAQ specifically for how to add "extras" to a POI file like graphic icons and custom alerts?


EDIT: Never mind, found it. here is the correct link...

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sorry... :???:

miss poi wrote:

Don't we already have this faq here?

I am confused.

Miss POI

Sorry, that is because I am confused... confused When I went to the FAQ page I didn't find it because two things. One is the title and two its location on the page separate from the FAQ's.

My eyes were drawn immediately to the Frequently Asked Questions list and the FAQ's that say "How do I..." because in my simple newbie brain that is what I wanted to do.

So here is a little feedback. May I suggest not separating Top Picks and leave all FAQ's on the page together. Simply have them at the top of the FAQ list which implies the most picked. What do you think?

Also maybe if it was named consistently with the others like;

"How do I load custom points of interest (POI locations) in my Garmin?"

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new users

miss poi wrote:

Don't we already have this faq here?

I am confused.

Miss POI

Probably just going through Growing Pains, especially with the surge of new users.

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