Garmin - Loading POI files with POI Loader


POI Loader is software from Garmin that's used to load custom points of interest into many of their newer GPS models.

POI Factory user "Gravecare" has made a nice video tutorial for POI Loader posted on his web site:

POI Loader Tutorial by

Here are the basic steps for loading POI files to a Garmin GPS:

Step 1

If you haven't already done so, download and install Garmin's POI Loader software onto your computer:

Step 2

Download POI file(s) from POI Factory and save them to a new folder on your computer.

Step 3

Transfer POI Files to your GPS using Garmin's POI Loader program.

  • connect the GPS to your computer
  • start the POI Loader program
    • Start > All Programs > Garmin > POI Loader
  • select save to Garmin Device
  • find and select your GPS device
  • select the option to install new custom POIs
  • browse to the folder where you saved files in Step 2 (see TIP below)
  • continue through the remaining screens (default choices should work just fine), and POI Loader will transfer the locations to your GPS

POI Loader automatically sets alerts for POI Factory's red light and speed camera files.

TIP: There’s a tricky spot in POI Loader (PC Version)

When you're inside POI Loader on the page where you tell it where the files are located, POI Loader shows folders but not the files inside them. Users are often confused because they don't see the files.

POI Loader let's you proceed if it finds files in the directory you've selected (even though it does not show them).

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