how to update a C330...if I lost the original code?


Hi folks!
I bought my c330 while I was living in Portugal...and now, moved to Spain, I cannot find the original box with the damned code to be able to update it. any sugeestions??? (Garmin is asking me to talk to the shop who sold it to me....great! I do not speak Portuguese...and it was a wallmart...)


Are you saying that you didn't keep any of the documentation/papers that came with it? Do you have your receipt and the serial number of the unit? You might be able to register it with that information.

no documents to be

no documents to be found...all house moves you lose a bit of your past...

Do you really need the code?

Do you really need the code? I can't remember for sure, but when I updated my maps, I could swear that all I needed was my serial number (on the back of the unit) and the unlock code from the upgrade (which is with the CD).

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