Garmin Nuvi 650 & CustomPOI File (w/address & phone#)?


I recently got a Nuvi 650 and would like to add a list wineries within the state. I know it has some built in, and maybe all. But I'd like to make sure and this will be used for other things going forward as well.

I have a list with name, address, & phone#. It's in Excel, so I can make it a csv if necessary. I assume I need to first get the coordinates for each location? I think I can handle that. Is there any way to keep all of this data for a POI or is my only option simply coordinates without phone# & addy?

I would even be fine with them being in my favorites instead of just POIs, but how do I get them into my Fav's from the pc without manually typing them all on the GPS unit itself?



Here's a link to the file format.

You should be able to keep all that information. Just put all of it together in the fourth column.

You can use GPS Visualizer online to geocode the addresses.

If you want them to be Favorites, you could convert the CSV to a GPX and copy it to your GPS unit.