Computer not picking up my GPS



Ok, in order to help you out, we need more information.

Are you using the most current version of POI Loader?

Is your unit's firmware updated?

When you run POI Loader what happens?

Just been down loaded

Just been down loaded 12/28
New GPS 3 days.
Is your unit's firmware updated ????


Ok, what unit? What have you done thus far? What files are you trying to load?

Go to Garmin's website. Go to the page for that unit. Download WebUpdater. Install it. Connect your unit to your computer. Run WebUpdater. Install any updates.

Did you install POI Loader to your computer? What happens when you run POI Loader? At what point are you getting stuck?

We are here to help you, but you've got to provide us with some information for that to happen.

The unit is c330. I redid

The unit is c330. I redid the POI loader and plug in the gps and the down wondow showed the unit . Thanks for you help. Im a new-B.
Ps I have a HD bike
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You might try rebooting your

You might try rebooting your computer. Sometimes that helps in my case.

Thanks problem taken care

Thanks problem taken care of..


Feel this is a computer issue.....

Make sure your GPS is hooked directly to the computer (NOT A USB HUB) and reset your computer...