Home Depot Project - USA


This discussion thread is for maintenance of the Home Depot file for the United States. A separate file is also being created for Canada.

You can download the current POI file at this page:

Authorized maintainers can make changes to the data at this page:

Details for the Canada project are posted at this page:


I just finished transfering StreetChariot's Columbus Ohio file over to the Home Depot Database that Raybonz started a month ago.
We still have the old file in the moderation cue in case there are any problems and need to use it as a reference point.

Miss Poi

Arent all the home depot

Arent all the home depot files already in the regular poi database.

For example in my garmin 360 i have all the home depots already listed in the default location directory.

Just curious since I am still learning about the nature of custom POIs....


There are always new ones

There are always new ones being built so we like to make sure that all of the locations are available. At some point we hope to have files that include just the new locations that have been built in the last 2 years and just keep it updated each year.

Miss Poi

South Bend/Mishawaka IN

We just got a Home Depot I think less than a year ago. Its in Mishawaka, IN or maybe it's SOuth Bend. The two cities are so close to each other.


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