Home Depot Project - Canada


This discussion thread is for maintenance of the Home Depot file for Canada. A separate file is also being created for the United States.

You can download the current POI file at this page:

Authorized maintainers can make changes to the data at this page:

Details for the USA project are posted at this page:


I separated the Canada sites from the US sites so that we would have two Home Depot Files. I think that we will continue to have the two areas separated with the other POI type also.

Miss Poi

Ontario Canada

Ok Syphontek's Ontario Canada file into the joint database file, I had started to work on the California one and Jon asked me to wait on that one until he has had a chance to build a program that can make it easier to transfer over the larger files. So I am sticking to the smaller ones that can be done by hand.

Miss Poi