Quest2 - Custom POI Problems


STILL need some help.

I thought I had this figured out and have had much success but I am still stuck.

I have found many custom POI on a couple of different sites. I created category folders such as Fuel, Food, Shopping, etc. I placed each downloaded poi file into a category. Then I placed all these folders into a single folder I labeled CUSTOMPOI.

I did not initially load all folders but tried loading one and then a couple and then several. EACH time I was successful. Each time I ended up with a CUSTOM POI folder on my FInd NEar Me screen. In addition, there appeared a drop down menu there showing each of my individual category folders. Success, or so I thought.

Next I put all the category folders into the one CUSTOMPOI folder but when I to load, I got an error message. I cnext checked each file by loading it individually and each loaded correctly. Next I built the the CUSTOMPOI folder slowly loading one category file, then adding another, then another, etc. Nearly all category files loaded and then I got another error message.

Somewhere I had read that the Quest2 could handle up to 20,000 custom POIs. I removed 2 of the category files and left the rest in the CUsTOMPOI file. I then went thru the process with POI Loader one more time and initially it seemed as though the loading went fine. POI Loader finished and the message appeared that I had successfully loaded 18,580 Points of Interest.

The only PROBLEM is that there is no Custom POI folder in the Find Near Me on my QUEST2. I have since repeated the loading process a number of times. I have tried both ways of loading, one where I let POI Loader automatically overide old custom poi info and the otherway where i select to remove old POIs first and the load the new ones.

At this point I am totally confused as to why the custom poi folder does not show on my unit and none of the custom pois, WHICH POI LOADER SAYS HAVE BEEN LOADED, are not on my unit. I have tried the usual possible remedies: reboot Garmin and computer, go outside and point the Garmin at the sky and reboot it.

I have one final thought. Most of the POI files are .csv files. A couple others are .gpx files. Could there be some problem with the mix? Again, each has loaded fine by itself and with others previously.

Sorry for the lonnnnnng post here but I wanted you all to understand each specific step I have gone thru. I sure would like to see this all work so I can put the project aside and do important Holiday "stuff".

Thanks to all for any help!


Custom POI Problems

I dont know how similar your quest2 is to my nuvi 260, but i also have a find near me in my poi's category, but my custom poi's are in a category called: extras, that you have to scroll down from where it displays the poi's category to even see.

When you select extras then select custom poi's you see all the categories you created.

I know that my manual didnt mention this and i had to discover it on my own.

Do you maybe have a seperate category that is similar to my extras category where POI Loader is putting them?

is it maybe possable that

is it maybe possable that you're out of space on the device's memory, which is creating problems? it may be able to handle 20,000, but that doesnt mean the device's memory has enough space for all of the POI's you want to put on, since some may be larger than others. go to my computer, then you device and look at how much free space you have after transferring all of the POI's


Charlie--POI Loader is putting the POI info in "Custom POI" which appears on my "Find Near Me' screen along with all the others such as Recent Finds, My Locations, etc. i just loaded 2 small POI files, 1227 sites, easily. At some point as I increase the number of custom files, POI Loader will say I have done it successfully when it actually has not.

Thanks Dan

As I became more and more familiar with how POI Loader was working, I came to understand that each time I added to my custom poi file and used POI Loader to put it on the Quest, it would write over the previous install. No problem. SO I continued to add one new file to my custom folder and then put it on the Quest. I finally got an error message and after experimenting a little I realized that the error message was probably due to the memory being full. SO I backed off and started removing one file at a time until POI Loader would put it all on the Quest. Just now I put two small (1227 sites) on the Quest and it looks like I expect it to...."Custom POI" folder now shows on the screen and the new sites appear with the drop down menu. So I guess I will go thru the exercise again, one file at a time and see just where the process breaks down. Curiously when I go to My Computer, the Quest does not even show up so I can't check the available memory as you suggest.

I tried to call Garmin this morning but hung up when told I had a 30 minute wait on hold.