New Guy w/ a Garmin C340...


Hello All.

I'm new here (obviously). I received a Garmin C340 for Christmas from my Mom. Actually, it's a gift to share with the fiancée too. grin

I used it for the first time yesterday while traveling to my aunt's house. It's somewhere I've been before, and the c340 took me the way that I normally go.

I was very pleased.

On the way home, however, it lost satellite reception about 5 minutes into the trip, and picked it back up maybe twice for less than 30 seconds on the way home.

We tried the turn-it-off-then-turn-it-back-on thing which seems to work with so many electronic gadgets any more to no avail.

Is this a frequent occurance with these things?

Also, I downloaded some POI info... some from the site that alerts you to their locations, and some form this site for Get Go locations.

Am I correct that these are just *.csv files?

I can create my own easily then, no? Using Google Maps to get the lat/long and then just slapping in the address?

Is there any way to import a CSV file into my favorites? Say I have a family address spreadsheet?

Also... My cousin has a Garmin that looks like a walkie-talkie... and frequently does geocashing. Is that something I can do with my unit, or is this a "stay on the road" one?

Thanks in advance!


Congrats on the new Garmin

I love my 340.

I seldom lose satellite reception unless I am under something for more than 30-45 seconds like a tunnel or parking garage. Was the c340 on the dash where it was in clear view of the sky? If it was and it continues, contact Garmin and get it exchanged.

POI files can be in a CSV format or in a GPX (XML) format. You can load either one as long as the formatting is correct and there are lots of threads on here to help you with that.

You can create your own or import others. They will load into your Custom POI folder on the C340.

The c340 is more for road travel rather than geocaching. It has a tendency to keep you on roads. Others have used it for geocaching, but the accuracy may be from 6-15 feet off.

I plan to live forever. So far, so good.

New C340

There is an external antenna you can purchase that should help!