Nuvi350 went Haywire after loading 2008 ver5 map


I have been out of action for a couple of weeks.
I was loading POIs in my 350, After they loaded and the
unit was rebooting it hung on the "Loading Maps" screen
I called tech support we tried all kinds of things to no
prevail. I had to send it in.

Maybe ver5 had something to do with it but I cant be for sure. Anyway Tech support has never seen this problem before they even let me talk to a tech. they
sent me a brand new one in the mail.

anyway if you hold the bottom left corner of the screen
and turn it on you will see a menu of all kinds of intresting stuff USE WITH Caution...

Im wondering if anyone else had to send theres in for the same reason...

First of all, which update

First of all, which update are you talking about? There is a 2008 maps and then there is a version 5.00 firmware. Two separate updates.

When I updated my firmware, yeah, it hung, but I did a reset and all was fine.

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updated my sons nuvi200 for bug fixes and it went haywire also.after some sweating and on and off several times it cleared up thankfully.