New Nuvi 750 issues


Just got my Nuvi 750 yesterday and so far I love it, however this morning I ran into some strangeness. I routed to a location in Georgia (I'm in California). After routing I I asked it to show me restaurants near my destination and it showed me restaurants in Springfield Oregon, near my sisters house which just happened to be in the unit as one of my favorites. I tried again with various locations and it continued to happen. Then at one point I pressed Near Destination and then Points of Interest and instead of the usual screen the only button I would get was the Spell Name button. Very odd. I reset everything, deleted my favorites as well as Recently Found and everything seems fine now. I even re-entered my sister and my Home in Favorites and it still seems to be routing to places near destination fine now. I'm just curious if anyone else has see anything like this or if someone knows of somethign I may have done to cause it. I'd hate for it to happen while on the road

Garmin Etrex Vista, Streetpilot 2610, GPSMap 60Csx, Nüvi 750, Colorado 400t, Nüvi 3790t