Garmin nuvi 660 (bluetooth)


I just bought a Garmin nuvi 660 for my wife for Christmas. She loves it, of course, there are many things to learn.

She has a Blackberry 7105t (fancy pda phone). The new Garmin will not wirelessly take the phone book from her phone. On her phone it is actually an "address book". Is anyone aware of a back door method to accomplish this task?

We have emailed Garmin but got no response yet, I imagine there are pretty busy.

Any info would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Blue Tooth?

I don't know if this matters or not, however some people have reported connection problems when the Garmin is allowed to "find" the phone rather than letting the phone "find" the Garmin when setting up the Blue Tooth. I would guess that this model of phone is just not compatible enought to retrieve the phone book, but just in case it is something as simple as that you may want to try.


I had bad connection problems until I let my Treo find the Garmin. I would erase any previous profiles on the Treo & the Garmin and rediscover then mark it as a car kit - connection is always rock solid.

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650

I've used the bluetooth on

I've used the bluetooth on my Nuvi 660 w/ several phones. Each one had a different result.

My phones:

Samsung i730 - I have to push the phone numbers over to the nuvi manually. And I cannot get any status about the phone other than signal strength

Blackberry 7520 - Pushed the phone book over to the nuvi automatically. And I'm able to get complete status of phone (i.e., battery, signal strength, etc.)

Wife's Phone:

Motorola Q - Had issues w/ the initial bluetooth connection. I had to add the nuvi to the headset profile of the Q manually in order for it to work. I'm able to get complete status of phone.

Voice quality on all phone is outstanding. This is one of the best gifts that my wife has ever given me.

Treo 650

I had such a problem pairing my 650 until I read this post. I just found that I was trying to push the install to fast and hit the ok button too soon. Once I let the unit go throught the entire process without being button happy it is working just fine.



Motorola E815

I have a great matchup between my nüvi 660 and my Motorola E815. The only limitation is that the 660 will not handle text messaging.


I am having issues with the Treo 650 from Cingular. Are you Sprint, Verizon, or Cingular? Thanks.


I am using Cingular & Treo 650 - have full phonebook support - cannot get SMS to work - says not supported.

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650

Garmin nuvi 660

My wife has T Mobile service.

Nuvi 660

I am a new Nuvi 660 Owner and i love it, I have a LG 8100 phone, bluetooth features work great on the nuvi, no address or contacts and text message features though, my friend has a Blackberry 8700 that connected and all the features worked except the text messaging.

Garmin nuvi 660 reply to all that responded

Thank you all for your response.

I will try the phone searching for the Garmin procedure. Right now the Blackberry 7105t is in Houston with my wife.

I have had good success with

I have had good success with the 660 and my Treo 650, except that the full contacts list is not supported, only the small menu list. I also use Good Mobile Messaging with my Treo 650 for access to my office email and other information, and it appears that the Good contacts are also not supported. All in all, I love the Nuvi 660 (got it for Christmas). I've used all features, including the traffic receiver, and have no major complaints so far. I agree with many other comments I've read that I wish it would allow for multiple way points, but that has not been a huge issue so far.

Treo 650 - Verizon contacts

I have a the Nuvi 660 and the Treo 650 from Verizon. All documents show that full address book synch is not compatible, but they gives instructions to Beam the Contacts category to the gps. I've tried several times, it says complete, but they don't show up. Has anyone had any success using the "beam the ALL category" method for the contacts list?

I've not been able to get

I've not been able to get this to work with my Verizon Treo 650 but all other features work very well.

Verizon Contacts

I have the Nuvi 660 and the Treo 700p from Verizon ( I also still have my old Treo 650) I tried the "send " contact rather then the "beam" contactand that works just fine for sending one contact at a time. I also tried the "Send Category" and that sent my entire phone book ( just names and numbers ) The only problem is I didn't want my entire phone book on the Nuvi. I'd like to know if there is a way to delete or edit contacts once they are in the Nuvi. I sure wish the Treo would support Voice dailing with the bluetooth and I think if the Nuvi had a remote control that would make me very happy.

Bluetooth question ...

If your bluetooth phone "sees" your Nuvi does that mean that it works with it? Or can it see the device and still not work?

Thanks...I'll try again...

Thanks...I'll try again...

Verizon XV6700?

Has anyone had luck pairing the Verizon XV6700 with the Nuvi 660? I am thinking about getting this phone, but it is not on the Garmin list, although is seems that many non-listed phones will work.

my nuvi 660 and my sprint

my nuvi 660 and my sprint treo 700p and had no poblem linking them thru bluetooth but the phone book only seems to get names and numbers that i have called while they are linked so i fuger sooer or later it will get them all as i call people

HP IPAQ 6315 PDA telephone

With my phone, I had to manually pick contacts to beam via bluetooth to my Nuvi 660. I chose to not move all the 300+ contacts into the GPS, but rather only those that I would call most often. I can still select numbers from my PDA contacts and call them directly, using the Nuvi as the hands-free speakerphone.

One drawback to the phone is that it is only getting the contact name and the different numbers that are stored in my PDA contacts. If only it would bring in the addresses also and put them into my favorites.


Adding contacs from Treo 650 or the 700p to the Nuvi

If you add contacts to your Treo via "Edit Favorites Buttons". Everytime you tun on your Nuvi the numberss will appear in your phone book on the Nuvi. If you no longer want those phone numbers on your Nuvi or you need to edit the name or number do it in the Treo "Edit Favorites Buttons". The next time your turn on the Nuvi the chang ewill appear.

Yes ,, I have both. nuvi 660 & xv6700 phone

Yes ,, I have both. pairing was no issue. Only thing I cant do is transfer my address book? Thats why Im here , to see if theres a way? One of the best things I like is all the phone functions I do right on the Nuvi as Im driving. just the other day I set up the voice spped dialing on my phne, and now all I have to do to make a call is touch the Nuvi screen button for voice call, say the name, and it dials out. I dont deal much with trying to fumble with the phone screen.

Razor V3

I have a Razor V3 phone and am able to transfer my phone book without a problem. I have noticed however, that if I make additions to my phone book on my phone, I have to completely disconnect the phone and NUVI connection and re-establish, or the added phone numbers will not appear. This is a pain, but I dont do it that often.

I have also noticed that using the voice dial option is a little tricky. I have to practically yell out the voice dial name or it isnt "heard" by the NUVI. Once I am connected however, I can talk at a normal voice and the person on the other end can hear just fine (though they say it sounds like I am talking from within a tin box).

Has anyone had similar experience with the VOICE DIAL?

R/Tim NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120, zumo 660, nuvi 3790

Razor V3

Your phonebook appears to only be read when the Razor Bluetooth syncs with the Nuvi. I know it happens at startup, but I don't know if it keeps it's 'last known connection' info if the Bluetooth connection is lost. You can try getting out of the car and walking more than 30 feet away to lose the Bluetooth connection. At the worst case, cycle the power on the Nuvi. That will definitely reread the phonebook. How often do you update your phonebook while still connected to the Nuvi?

Phone book update

gkas, thanks for the reply,

The issue isnt while I am still bluetooth connected, It does keep all the info from the last bluetooth connection. It does not re-synch the phone book each time I return to "in range" for the connection.

Lets say I turn my NUVI off while I am at work. Throughout the course of the day, I add a phone number to my Razor. When I get back into my car, I turn on the NUVI and the bluetooth synchs back up. That phone number that I added earlier, will not be in my phone book on the NUVI. I have to go to the NUVI Bluetooth screen, choose Connections/ change, then press delete. Then add my Razaor from scratch as a bluetooth device. My phone book will then be re-read and the new number will be included.

I don't add new numbers too ofter, so it isn't that big of a deal, but it is inconvenient.

NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120

R/Tim NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120, zumo 660, nuvi 3790

Nuvi 660 and Verizon Treo 650 FAILURE to Pair FRUSTRATION

I was so excited after I got my Nuvi 660 ( the Garmin website says its compatible with a Treo 650) But no matter what it will not remain paired for more than a few seconds.

I made sure the software updates were all the latest ( Ver.3.2 for the Nuvi and Ver 1.04a for the Treo 650. I tried Nuvi to Phone and Phone to Nuvi. I tried car kit and headset. Nothing worked ! I called Germin who had me swap it out in case its a bad Bluetooth module. And I even tried to pair them ( 2 different Nuvi's) with my husbands Verizon Treo 650. Complete and Utter FAILURE and hours of frustration ! Can it be all Verizon Treo 650's?

I now have to decide which I I change phones(had the Treo 650 2 years) or do I return the Nuvi for a model that is less expensive without the hands free option ( my husband has the Nuvi 350)?

Any suggestions?
What Verizon phones work with the Nuvi 660 well? My employer has a contract with Verizon.

pairing the nuvi with a Treo 650

I had the same problem unitl I tried giving it more time. It has been a while however I think you let the nuvi find the phone and then wait for a minute or so. My problem was I got button happy and was trying to force the connection. There was an earlier post that I followed and was distracted long enough for it to make the connection.


Could be the phone

I don't have the Treo (I have a Razor) but when I first got mine, I couldn't get it to work. I took my phone back to the store and they ran some tests on it. Turned out my phone was broke. They sent me a new phone in two days and I mailed the broke one back. Everything works fine now.

Have you tried your Treo bluetooth on another bluetooth device

R/Tim NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120, zumo 660, nuvi 3790

Nuvi 360 & Cingular Treo 650

I have finally (I think) established a connection between my Garmin 360 & Cingular Treo 650. After I dial, I hear the 'beep, beep, beep' as it's dialing out but then that's ringing...nothing. The phone icon does appear on the left with the 'waves' but the call does not go through. I finally have to 'end call' although there's nothing to end. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

No problem connecting a

No problem connecting a Verizon 8703e Blackberry (on a BES) to my Garmin 660. Though I can't seem to get my address book to synch with my wifes Toyota?

Garmin 660; Nintendo DS soft carry case, YM, rd1chaos, Blackberry PIN 30154995, way too many gadgets to list here.

I had some issues pairing my

I had some issues pairing my 660 with my Sprint Treo 650. Both are fully updated. As advised, use the phone to discover the gps and let it take its Time. It also took me several attempts to get them to play nice because frequently the pairing would drop immediately.

After having the two playing nice for about two weeks, my Garmin stopped working with my 650. It took yet more futzing and screwing around to get them to play together again.

Aside from that, when they've been paired up I haven't had any problems aside from that one drop that required doing everything over.

nuvi 660 and sumsung a900 bluetooth problem

i just purchased a nuvi 660 and although i was ablte to pair it with my sumsung a900 cel, the nuvi continually displays a phone disconnected message every minute or so. does anyone have any advice?

Nuvi 660 and Motorola I-870 (Nextel)

My phone and Nuvi paired with very little hassle. I've added a few numbers to the phone book of the Nuvi via the short process outlined in the manual. Placing and recieving calls are no problem using the various push button methods. The problem is when I attempt to voice dail via the Nuvi or transer my entire phonebook to the Nuvi. I get the...

"No Data Available. Note: Not all phones support this feature"

Also the text messaging function is inoperative as well.
All this while my phone is identified as "compatible" on the Garmin website. And the "hands-free" function was one the features I looked forward to using... too bad I guess.

Wil Nuvi 660

Your phone is probably "blue

Your phone is probably "blue tooth" compatible, but the features of your phone probably don't support voice activated or phonebook compatible, I would check your phone capabilities with your provider.

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT


I read this response from another web site so I will copy it hear and hope this information helps.

For those who have had issues with the phonebook download, it takes me 4-5 minutes for me to download a 650 contact phonebook from my BlackBerry 7130 for the 1st time after a won't see the sync icon for perhaps the 1st few minutes during the 1st sync (you'll see some message like "some features/phones not supported...") maybe it's working and you just need to give it some time. Voice command must be supported on the phone. My BB doesn't have that, so it doesn't work on the 660...


My 660 pairs well with my Verizon v3c Razr. All features work EXCEPT text messaging. For that I get the 'unsupported' message. Also, I can only voice dial if my keyboard on the phone is unlocked. I normally keep it locked because the side buttons get pushed and my ring type, volume, etc. get accidentally changed. If I want to voice dial, either from the phone or Nuvi, I have to unlock the phone. All other calling features are available via the Nuvi and Bluetooth, even with a locked keyboard.

a900 w/Nuvi 30


I have the a900 too. I will get the "phone disconnected" pop-up when my battery on the phone gets low (one bar). If I charge the phone, problem goes away.

Do you also have the problem where you have several numbers for one contact (work, home, cell, etc...) and only one entry shows up in the Nuvi?

I have 2 contacts; John and Jane Doe.
Each have 3 numbers in their contact record. H, W, C

John is listed twice in the Nuvi. One entry for each number (John Doe 123-123-1234) (John Doe 123-123-9876).

Jane will only be listed with one entry (Jane Doe 123-123-1234)

I have no idea why???...

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

Multiple numbers

My problem is exactly the opposite. Some names have multiple numbers, home, work, mobile, etc. The Nuvi shows all of the numbers for a person, but no tag as to if it's a home, work, etc.

it goes on and on...

I did notice that same problem on mine too. It does not tell me if the number displayed is home or work...

Does the name appear multiple time in the list, one for each number?

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)


msumy wrote:

Does the name appear multiple time in the list, one for each number?

Yes, there are multiple name entries, each as a name & phone number pair. So, there may be 4 entries for Don Smith, each with a different phone number. All the numbers are correct, just no notation as to what type of phone entry.

For multiple numbers...

You should have small icons next to each number...

a small (cell phone)for cell numbers
a small (house) for home numbers
and a small (factory) for work numbers

That's what I have on the Nuvi as identifiers for different numbers

Wil Nuvi 660

For multiple numbers...

That would be nice. On my Nuvi 660 & Razr I don't get the icons. I finally upgraded to 3.20 firmware the other day, so I just checked again. No change. The Icons would a nice addition.

For Multiple Numbers...

I don't get the icons either. That would be a nice feature.

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

Garmin Bluetooth Sound Quality

Two Questions:

How good is the voice quality when you use your Nuvi 600 with a cell phone.

If you use the FM feature to tie the Nuvi to your car radio - how good is the sound quality.

Thanks Pat

Sound Quality

FM tramitter- Works well with unit for turn directions, speakerphone works well for calls, audio books good - FM music so so. Biggest problem can be interference with other stations specially those close together - on the whole I think it works very well.

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650

Voice Quality

Thanks for the reply, how about the sound of your voice as heard by others you are calling when using the bluetooth.


Voice Quality

Can't say they don't know I am on a speakerphone but they also seem to hear well

Garmin Nuvi 660,Software Ver. 3.2, Audio 1.8, GTM 3.7, GPS 2.9, BT 2.4, NA Map v8: Mapsource; Cingular Treo 650

Voice Quality

My wife tells me she can hear fine as long as the volume is not up all the way on the Nuvi. She says she hears echoes and feedback when I have the volume all the way up. I keep it one notch below MAX and it seems to work well. She also reminds me not to shout too...

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

I added the external mic and

I added the external mic and it made a solid improvement to the sound quality of the phone system using bluetooth

Mark E


I use mine through the radio and although it sounds like I am on speaker phone, they can hear well and it sure beats holding a phone to my head.

R/Tim NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120, zumo 660, nuvi 3790

Sanyo 8400

My Sanyo 8400 connected first time with my Nuvi 660 and worked just fine. Please note that the pairing key for the Nuvi 660 is "1234" in lieu of the normal "0000"

RKF (Bethesda, MD) Garmin Nuvi 660, 360 & Street Pilot
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