Red light camera C330 where?


I know this subject has been beaten to death.I downloaded the Red light Camera file.
Is this installed just like the POI files using the Loader?
What would be the upside for this file,and the down side.I know the C330 can not take the if I put this Red light camera file in my C330 will I see or hear anything? also if it goes in the Custom POI's then I guess I can only have one POI in the custom POI's? since when I have been putting another POI in the C330 custom POI's it removes the recent one?bummer!
I just need a little clarification.Thanks


1. Yes, you install it just like the other Custom POIs.

2. If you leave the word "redlight" in the file name, the file will alert you when you are 1/4 mile from redlight camera locations so that you can be aware.

3. You will get an audible tone from the unit.

4. You need to create a folder on your computer for ALL the POIs that you want to load to your unit and and put ALL the POI files in the folder and KEEP them there. Then each time you run POI Loader, it will reload ALL the POIs.

MM said

it perfectly.

Not doing anything worth a darn.

Lots of Thanks

Thank you very much for all the info.
Tried the Red light camera today,even though they were in the Custom POIs I touched the screen for Go home from work,and went to a area where I knew there are 2 intersections with Cameras.In about 200 yards at each Red Light cameras,the C330 sounded off on the Dong sound,plus it said at the Top of the screen WOW! real cool.
Then I read your reply and did what you said about the Folder,and put a few POI in,plus the Red light camera.They were all there.
I'll put more in.Thanks again.