White Screen Of Death (RV660)


It finally happen. Driving down the hiway using my Garmin RV660 And the screen just turned white. I have tried shutting it down and doing a factory reset using the power button and nothing works. I connected it to the Garmin Express and it showed updates so I uploaded them, I think. I can't tell but the Express seems to think they updated. There were software and map updates. But it didn't make any difference. Is this thing toast? Chuck

Master reset

You mention “factory reset”. Is that the same as a “master” reset which is discussed at https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=VrsiNwnfcx3BSgULKvfNK9. Note that once at the link, you need to select the device and you may lose some data from doing the reset.

John from PA

Tried Googling it and....

Most of the recent stuff seems to be for forerunners but I did find this link to an old POI page. Sounds like your unit might be toast but my be worth a look.....


Here is another


and finally...

The white screen is a sign that the system software or firmware of your Nuvi has become corrupt.

I can help you fix your Garmin Nuvi 200W.

There are three steps to take to get your Nuvi running like new:

Back up your Favorites.
Perform a Hard Reset.
Download and then run Garmin WebUpdater to replace its firmware / system software.

I hope that helps.