Cloning files to SD card


I have tried to follow the cloning process using an SD card. I have successfully created the files using the SD card and am now at the stage where it is advising that the names of files be changed.
The files that are recommended for change are

Of note at this stage is that the gmapprom.img file is missing the .img part but is identified in the file type as a disk image file.

I would change these names to the recommended new file names BUT I note that after the cloning procedure onto the SD card these recommended new file names already appear to exist with the same issue about gmapsupp file missing the .img portion.

What do I do? Is it a case of deleting the gmapprom files OR change their names and delete the other files which were also found with the gmapsupp titles?

Make sure you are using the latest method

John from PA

Hidden file extensions.

It sounds to me like you need to turn on the hidden file name exstensions for your Windows computer. That will show the full file name including the .img extension. See this FAQ

It that turns out to not be the problem, please give us some more details including the Garmin model you are trying to update.

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