How to modify one way road in new map 2024.20



Could you please show the most simple option to modify 2 ways road into one way road on new map 2024.20?

I'm waiting so long and it seems Garmin never updated the one way road on NA map; especially many one way roads were changed since many years.

Thank you.

I did search on this forum even in FAQ from Garmin but still cannot find the solution.

I try to turn on Garmin Trend but still cannot fix it.

If you know Garmin want to hire someone to drive all the roads in NA to update the map, please let me know too smile Especially after leaving all last world's conspiracy behind my back, I do have free lifetime now; excepting loving travel utmost.

Thanks again!



2. Sign in (if you do not have a free HERE account, you will need to create one)

3. Navigate to the road you want to modify and click on it

4. Make modifications

5. Submit

The MapCreator interface is complicated. Prepare to spend time with it to get used to how it works.

HERE is the map data used by Garmin automotive devices. Changes submitted are not instantaneous. Any modifications/additions will be reviewed, and if accurate, they will appear in the next map data release.

Note that some modifications aren't allowed. Anything the MapCreator says that HERE has "already recorded with high precision" (such as interstate roads or other major roadways) don't allow changes.

The map data can be previewed at any time from MapCreator or from

May not give you a result

I've entered a couple of dozen corrections in mapcreator. Most of this was a while a go, so things may have changed. I found the user interface a bit mysterious.

The communication of handling of my submissions was poor.
I'm not actually sure that any of my own submissions caused useful changes to the production maps.

But it is a worthy endeavor to try to help improve the maps. Good luck.

personal GPS user since 1992

You Can't

Edit the HERE database directly. You have to make mods via the user interface described above.

It's often frustrating since it usually takes several attempts. Edits can take months or even years to show up.

I gave up

I tried to be a good boy and help to correct the map when the maps were distributed by CD. The "form" was a form with fields for free-form writing. No feedback at all. No changes in the next CD. I gave up.

Thanks all even still do not have any hope yet!

Thanks for all inputs and I could understand how such a painful feeling when good persons around but no upgrade possible.

Still wish one day we can figure out how to make a big change.

Last 2016, I did discover the big history conspiracy in this world such as last real pandemic; at that time I did try to help the humanity but most agencies got me title the "crazy man"; even Pfizer got me out of anything. Until today I didn't leak anything out but the world still see the smallest light coming out from the devil plan.

Hope one day people will see all; especially last month from their head CEO with new plan "one health one system" in cooperation WHO. Familiar somewhere else, isn't it? That's plan isn't new yet but I'm really happy to see that some heroes could push this information out of the water, not me.

Today we live day by day to enjoy the travel with all help we can; despite the devil machine still run behind the scene non-stop.

Minke, I understand yours but don't give up when ever possible it might change in the future. I left big machine behind my back without sorrows, but I still see nice people as you despite I have no job, no money, no benefits at all, but here I got something free enough to get me along with this life until today smile