Cyclops Safety Cameras


Does anyone subscribe to Cyclops Safety Camera? If so, how does it compare to the typical RLC/Speed POIs?

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Different system of alerts

I prefer Cyclops over POIs for the simple reason that I don't like false alarms. Cyclops costs money, but it works differently than social-sourced POIs. Cyclops only alerts when you are travelling on the road with the safety camera. POIs are much simpler, and they cannot tell you which direction the camera faces, so they alert in all directions.

If you come to an intersection from any direction where there is photo radar, the POIs will alert you, but with Cyclops it only alerts you if you are going in the direction the camera is actually facing. This minimizes false alerts.

Cyclops is not updated nearly as often as social-sourced POIs though.

Here in Winnipeg, the city has become drunk off speed camera revenue, and especially school zone photo radar, where the mobile camera cars are out every Monday to Friday, no matter if school is in session or not. With covid, we are at condition red, yet these heroes who man these vehicles were out on Remembrance Day, which is absolutely shameful as far as I am concerned. They are simply employees of a private for-profit American firm, and have nothing to do with police. I like alerts so I can keep my eyes on the road watching for kids, instead of buried in my speedometer. This is why I use POIs for reduced speed school zone alerts (30 KPH) and Cyclops for regular photo radar sites.


Is it OK to speed on Remembrance Day?


Interesting. I've found that the RLC POIs have become "smarter" lately; I get the visual warning when I'm within the proximity zone, but I don't get the audio warning if I'm not driving directly towards the camera location (in most cases). Speed files for Ottawa (9) just added and probably only one in my normal travel area, so will see how that works out.

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA

Of course not. But who are

Of course not. But who are these brave "essential workers" protecting? The empty street? The empty school? Schools are closed on Remembrance Day, but drivers are still ticketed for driving over 30KPH in a school zone. To me, that's NOTHING to do with safety - and I am all for the safety of everyone, especially kids - and everything to do with revenue. I sometimes wonder how those employees feel, flashing cars going past an empty school on an empty street on a school holiday.

I am sure you are aware that these photo radar companies work on commission? They get a percentage of the revenue, and that's how they get paid, so you can well imagine that they have a vested interest in mailing out as many tickets as possible. I actually sat in traffic court one day and listened to one of their employees outright lie about a case, in spite of clear photographic evidence to the contrary ... on their own photo!

Garmin 3587

My understanding is that Cyclops is unfortunately not available on this one in United States sad Would love to give it a try