BaseCamp, Google Earth and Street View


For those that use Google Earth with BaseCamp you will know that for a while you have had to use older versions of Google Earth to enable the link from BaseCamp to work. These older versions will no longer provide street view as Google has withdrawn that link in earlier versions, see this announcement which states

With the release of Google Earth Pro 7.3.3, we will be letting go of some older versions of desktop. Over the coming months we'll be making the following changes:
Starting in August 2020, version 7.3.3 (or later) will be required to access Google Street View within Google Earth Pro.
In October 2020, Google Earth Pro version 7.1.8 or later will be required. Earlier versions of Google Earth on desktop will no longer work as they will not connect to Google’s servers. These versions are between four and eight years old and have long been superseded by modern versions.
We recommend users of older versions of Google Earth on desktop upgrade to the latest Google Earth Pro release, or try out the latest Google Earth on web or Google Earth mobile clients.

In future it seems you will need to export BaseCamp data as a kml file and then import that file into Google Earth if you wish to use street view.

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Good to know, thank-you for the post.

Thanks Sussamb

Due to the hit or miss relationship between Google Earth and Basecamp, I've been using the .kml file method for some time now.

I have a 27" monitor and use a split screen to keep both programs running simultaneously. My next computer will be dual monitor capable to make the process even more convenient.