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Can someone help me adding Pois to a chevrolet pickup truck? Is it possible to even do? thanks for reading.

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No way that I know of. Most in car units are proprietary and there is no way that I know of to add POI's to these units.

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I haven't heard of loading pois to this vehicle.

It could be dependent on the manufacturer of the unit.

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Loading POI's

In my car (2015 VW Passat)it was possible about 3-4 years ago using a program VW Germany had online, but that's gone.
There was another one you had to buy to get full use.

But in any case with neither one did you get the same results that you get with a stand alone Garmin!

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My 2014 Honda Accord

I loaded POIs to my 2014 Honda Accord just last week. We looked (on line) at the 2020 Honda Ridgeline and I can't find a way by just reading what is on line. If we do get one I will have fun seeing if I can find a way. The only good thing about the Ridgeline is it can also use Android Auto, which I have never used, so that will be something to look at too.

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It would help if we knew what year and series!

See my post at:


Maybe that will help.

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