Has Anybody Here Been More Motivated To Do A New POI Project Due To The COVID-2019 Restrictions?


As posted above, since some people have more time of their hands lately, have you been more motivated to start a POI project for something to do?

Working on a Few Updates

I've been spending some time on file updates but the number of file downloads has fallen way off. I suppose this is only natural since most of us are under some form of travel restriction.

Hopefully, things will improve later this year. Right now, there is little incentive to do much though.

Has Anybody Here Been More Motivated To Do A New POI Project?

Thank you for the reply and great point. Even in pre-restriction times,
I found myself no longer downloading POI files for things that are already on my Garmins. For example, gas stations and restaurants. However, the more unique things might have a greater interest to me now.

I am an amateur radio operator, so those files interest me. I am still somewhat tempted to do something with cell phone towers, too.

I'm down to the Red Light,

I'm down to the Red Light, Speed Cameras, and the Rest Area files. Plus two more Specialty files that I use. Between the Garmin, Uconnect Nav, and Google, everything is pretty much covered.

Besides, I don't travel much anymore.

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Not me...

...It seems I'm busier than ever!

I've noticed

I've noticed that a lot of Bank of America branches are "Temporarily" closed. ATMs still function and I've heard some branches are Drive-up window only. Can't really tag all the ones temporarily closed and then go back through the file to remove the closed notations - as they reopen sporadically.

I thought about creating another POI file, but can't seem to come up with something that isn't local. For instance, I also have an account with First Advantage (local credit union), but the appeal to the members here is very, very small. Useful to me, but not others.

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