Updating the Valero Gas Stations File


I decided to open this forum topic to indicate the changes made during this update. The changes made prior to this listing are shown on the file download page.

Updated MD (added 11,deleted 4), ME (added 4,deleted 2), MI (added 6,deleted 56) and MO (added 6,deleted 8)

Updated MS (added 26,deleted 5), NC (added 41,deleted 10), NE (added 1,deleted 2) and NH (added 3)

Updated NJ (added 11,deleted 31,1 address), NM (added 43, deleted 6) and NV (added 1,deleted 8)

Updated NY (added 45,deleted 36), OH (added 6,deleted 66), OK (added 49,deleted 53) OR (deleted all locations)

Updated PA (added 11,deleted 31,1 address), SC (added 34,deleted 4), SD (deleted 1) and TN (added 29,deleted 7)

Updated TX (added 443,deleted 4,4 addresses), VA (added 27,deleted 13), VT (added 17) and WV (added 1,deleted 2)

Any states not listed, either locations were deleted or some states
did not have any locations previously.